Embracing our Bodies at All Stages of Life

I offer coaching with a specialty in adjusting to and accepting the natural changes in our bodies as we age, and in adjusting to health challenges and illnesses that have an effect upon our relationships with our bodies.

With a twenty-five year clinical psychology practice working with people dealing with eating and body image concerns, I have distilled an approach in which I actively teach skills of self and body acceptance.  I have learned that there are parts of us that are highly critical, and the actions taken by these parts, while they may have a noble purpose (in the language of the Internal Family Systems approach), can cause us harm and distress.  With my years of experience working with these aspects of ourselves, I can expertly guide you to become more skillful at negotiating these internal dialogues.  As we become more skillful at accepting all aspects of ourselves, and at facilitating a shift in the focus of parts whose actions are not useful, we also become more skillful at negotiating external dialogues and at communicating our needs clearly and directly in our relationships and in our work settings.

Body Image Coaching

Narrative Transformational Coaching is based upon the idea that we all already have within us what we need, and that we all have core values that we honor. Coaching informed by narrative inquiry is a process of uncovering and drawing forth those values, and of clarifying how to bring your priorities and your actions in your work and in your life into greater alignment with what is most meaningful to you.

Narrative Transformational Coaching:

Feel Truly Congruent Within Yourself

​​​​​​Embodied and Compassionate Leadership

When a leader practices 

cultivating a stance of

acceptance of and

responsibility for the self,

it lays the groundwork to

lead others from a place of appreciation and inquiry. Practicing the capacities that develop emotional intelligence are critical for anyone in leadership, for they set the

tone for communication and engagement at all levels of the organization.  Will communication be honest, direct, clear, and transparent?  

A leader's relational capacities begin within the self. Since we are all human, we need private places where we can self-reflect as we sharpen our growing edges. Executive coaching from an embodied, compassionate, and appreciative perspective offers these qualities to the leader, which in turn allows the leader to intentionally and positively influence the culture of the entire organization.

Embodying Compassion Telecourse to begin in Spring of 2021.

Please email me at jodyransom@comcast.net to express your

interest and with any questions you may have. The group will begin when there are enough people signed up, and the day and time will be determined based on the participants' preferences.