Embodying Compassion Courses and Workshops

Individual Coaching Session
$120 for 45 minutes​
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Narrative Transformational Coaching

Appreciative Leadership &  Creating Cultures of Transformational Learning

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My mission is to offer what I

have learned about cultivating

self-compassion within ourselves

and our bodies, which spills over to enhance the creation of larger cultures of compassion and acceptance in our communities, 
in order to positively influence individuals, families, organizations, and the larger world community so that all people may express the fullest offering of their unique gifts.

Body Image Coaching:

Embracing Our Bodies at All Stages of Life

Jody Ransom, Psy.D., ACC
Licensed Psychologist, 
Life and Leadership Coach

Executive Coaching Session

​$300.00 per hour

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My work with people is informed by narrative and dialogic inquiry, internal family systems work, and developmental, relational, and integral theory.  It draws heavily upon wisdom from self-compassion, yoga, non-violent communication, and mindfulness practices. Yet the most important influences on my approach are the powerful learnings and discoveries that I have experienced in the relationships that I have had with people over the past 25 years, as they have journeyed toward cultivating a positive relationship with their bodies and themselves, and toward leading themselves and their organizations from a place of integrity and empowerment.

Online life coach, health coach, executive coach

My Mission

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Embodying Compassion Courses.

Embodied & Compassionate


Embodying Compassion

Embodying Compassion is the practice of learning to orient toward

the body and the self with acceptance and compassion.  How we feel in our bodies and how we orient toward ourselves profoundly affects our capacity to bring our fullest selves to our relationships, to our organizations, and to whatever is meaningful to us in our lives.


Individual Coaching Session

$160 for 1 hour

​Schedule and confirm time with Dr. Ransom

​via email at jodyransom@comcast.net